Have you ever heard the concept earn more to give more? If the foundation of abundance is generosity, this makes sense, right?

I want to speak directly to what that responsibility means for the Kingdom of God.

I want to introduce you to a woman in the Bible named Lydia.

When I started my first company, Travel Noire — I held a strong conviction about traveling while black. Living and working in India in 2011 afforded me the luxury of frequent and inexpensive travel. …

Reading a Kim Haney book at Busua Beach, Ghana. July, 2018.

Introversion is how I position myself in this world. It covers every ounce of my being. It defines how I prefer to travel. It’s how I can go hours in the morning without talking to a single person.

Last year, God laid missions on my heart. I had never been…

2017 was a year of incredible change — and it was easily the most difficult year of my life.

In my pursuit of God, I let go of a lot of things. I let go of habits. …

I can now share this exciting news with you —

Travel Noire is now a part of the Blavity family.

Since the very beginning of Travel Noire’s life, I knew that I wanted to build something special. Something that didn’t conform to any of the conventional rules. I wanted to…

Zim Flores

Living Missionally. Founder, Italicist & Travel Noire (exited)

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